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Planning A Successful Business Meeting

Planning a successful business meeting thoughtfully is crucial to its success. The follow is an outline of the steps to follow in planning a successful meeting.

1. Select the meeting topic
 a. Be sure the topic is appropriate for a meeting
 b. Would a memo or written report be a better form of communication?
 c. Would one-on-one be a better way to solve the problem or gather/impart information?

2. State the purpose of the meeting specifically in writing, focusing on desired outcomes. Doing so helps to clarify:
 a. What is to be achieved
 b. Who needs to attend
 c. Why a meeting is needed
 d. What information is need

3. Select Participants
 a. Who has expertise on the subject of the meeting
 b. Who is interested in the subject of the meeting
 c. Who is involved
 d. Who will carry out the decisions made at the meeting

4. Select Location
 a. Does the location enhance the purpose of the meeting?

5. Informing the participants
 a. How and by whom will the participants be informed of the meeting time and location
 b. Inform participants of the specific purpose of the meeting
 c. What information should the participants bring with them.
 d. How long will the meeting last
 e. Any special arrangements (lunch, parking, childcare etc)
 f. Are there any reference materials, minutes, etc that the participants need prior to the meeting to help them prepare?

Posted Wednesday, August 19, 2009
Marty Taub